Prof.Dr. Terence Strick, principal investigator, and Camille Duboc, PhD student, from CNRS at the DNARepairMan kick-off meeting

National Center for Scientific Research

The Institut Jacques Monod, where the CNRS partner for this project is currently located, is the largest CNRS life sciences unit in Paris, France. With a strong mission in support of fundamental research in the life sciences, the IJM provides brand-new facilities and common instrumentation and core facilities which are essential to carrying out biophysical research (protein purification, microscopy, machine shop facilities). Furthermore the IJM is embedded in the University Paris Diderot, unique in France for its pluridisciplinary nature. Thus the IJM is administratively and financially supported in its mission by both the University of Paris Diderot and the CNRS. The CNRS partner is also affiliated with the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.


Our projects at CNRS will use cutting-edge biophysical methods to decipher the relationship between the molecular composition and catalytic activities of multisubunit DNA repair complexes involved in mismatch repair (MMR) and transcription-coupled repair (TCR). Correlative single-molecule methods combining DNA nanomanipulation and fluoresence will be used to quantitatively characterize key catalytic activities in repair including DNA incision and DNA unwinding processes (via nanomanipulation) while simultaneously interrogating the repair complexes in real-time as to the subunit composition enabling said activity (via fluorescence).

Key personnel

Prof.Dr. Terence Strick, Principal Investigator
Camille Duboc, PhD student

Fellows: Katerina Nitsenko and James Portman