Guilhem Velve Casquillas, CEO, with Oilibhe Pabst from JPK, at the DNARepairMan kick-off meeting

Elvesys SAS

Elvesys is an innovative company who develop and provide microfluidic chip and scientific instruments for microfluidic researches. With 10 researchers in microfluidic, Elvesys now propose the world widest brand of microfluidic flow control products. Through its brand Elveflow, Elvesys is the world leader for high precision microfluidic flow control instruments. The second main mission of Elvesys is to enhance the technological transfer of microfluidic innovations from research laboratories to the market.


Elvesys is specialized into microfluidic flow control, microfluidic device fabrication, optical systeme for microfluidic and microfluidic setup for cell biology research.


ELVESYS have more than 300 m2 of Lab facilities for microfluidic and flow control instrument development. Elvesys also have soft lithography facilities for microfluidic device fabrication. The company is equipped with electronic test bench, mechanical engineering facilities, molecular biology bench and microscopy equipment.

Role in project

The aim of our PhD is to develop a complete microfluidic platform to quickly screen numerous proteins of interest during the same experiment and to allow for the sequential addition of different proteins and components to the microfluidic sample cell. Erasmus MC is coordinator for DNA Repairman, and is responsible for the daily management of the project.
Elvesys will also be in charge of entrepreneurship training of ESR student of the consortium and evaluate valorization opportunity.

Key personnel

Project managers

Dr. Guilhem Casquillas, male, cofounder and CEO of ELVESYS: Electronics engineer (ESIEE), post-doctoral researcher in Microfluidics/Cell Biology (ENS - 343 citations, h factor 8), Major of Centrale-entrepreneur cursus (1 year equivalent MBA for researchers), cofounder of 5 startups, laureate of 4 entrepreneur prize. Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship, business, finance, microfluidics, thermal transfert, microtechnology, cellular biology.

Dr. Adrien Plecis, male, cofounder and CSO of ELVESYS, former head of the biological systems department (Armament Directorate - French Ministry of Defense - 22 collaborators - 2.2 M€ annual budget), Microfluidics PhD (LPN - CNRS & EPFL - 425 citations, h-index 9), Multidisciplinary engineer - Ecole polytechnique X, raised 2.3 M€ of subventions/ fundings for ELVESYS group. Areas of expertise: IP management, Business development, partnerships, Microfluidics. He was rewarded by the National award Cnano in 2010 "most innovative thesis in nanotechnology" and nominated to the 2014 MIT young innovator award.

Dr. Christophe Pannetier, male, senior scientist: expert in quantitative PCR and former researcher with the Pasteur Institute in Paris (> 50 publications, 4 PCR related patents and over 4700 citations, h-index 32); former head of the CBRN defense R&D Department of Thales Security Sytems (> 20 M€ annual turnover); former Technical area leader for human sciences and protection (more than 150 collaborators, 20 M€ annual budget) of the French Armament Directorate. Areas of expertise: Complex system management, qPCR and biomarker technology, Quality control, scientist and project manager.

Dr. Maël Le Berre, male CTO of ELVESYS, Former post-doctoral researcher in Biophysics/Cell Biology (Institut Curie), Microfluidics PhD (ENS Département chimie - Equipe microfluidique), Electronics engineer (ESIEE). Areas of expertise: Microfluidics, PCR/qPCR, RT-qPCR, Electronics, Microtechnology, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Cell Biology. He has contributed to more than 20 peer reviewed publications and 4 patents (319 citations, h-index 10).

Fellow: Kostiantyn Breiev