Project manager Geerte Slappendel, project coordinator Joyce Lebbink and technical expert Charlie Laffeber at the DNARepairMan kick-off meeting.


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The Department of Molecular Genetics of the Erasmus MC is well known within the field of DNA repair for its competitive international research which spans the experimental range from animal models to single molecule imaging. Within the project we will focus on biochemical and enzymatic approaches in combination with single molecule techniques (scanning force microscopy and fluorescence imaging) to understand the mechanisms of complex genome transactions such as DNA mismatch repair and the regulation of homeologous recombination at the molecular level.


Available equipment and expertise immediately relevant to the training programme includes recombinant protein production in E.coli and insect cells, protein purification (ÄKTAfplc) and DNA repair assays. For protein analysis an ÄKTAmicro, a spectrofluorimeter with polarization anisotropy and a Biacore T100 are available. For single molecule imaging, two scanning force microscopes, a TIRF microscope and a JPK Nanowizard are routinely used.

Role in project

Two PhD students will be doing their research at Erasmus MC, with projects focusing on the mechanism of DNA unwinding tract formation and regulation of directionality during DNA mismatch repair and the characterization of the mismatch repair unwinding complex formation. Additionally, students from other participants will be hosted for extensive secondments, to be trained in protein purification and characterization, to investigate the architecture of protein-DNA complexes using scanning force microscopy, and to set up DNA repair assays.

Erasmus MC is coordinator for DNA Repairman, and is responsible for the daily management of the project.

Key personnel

Dr.Ir. Joyce Lebbink, Principal Investigator and Scientific Coordinator
Prof.Dr. Roland Kanaar, advisor
Prof. Dr. Claire Wyman, advisor
Charlie Laffeber, Technical expert
Geerte Slappendel, Project Manager

Fellows: Foteini Traikou and Ankon Paul