Natalia Remzel, legal officer, prof.dr. Marcin Chmielewski, principal investigator, and Joanna Chmielewska, CEO, at the DNARepairMan kick-off meeting

FutureSynthesis sp. z o.o.

FutureSynthesis is a biotechnical company offers chemical synthesis of DNA, RNA and any modifications of nucleic acids on customers' demand. We apply such analytical methods that guarantee final products of high purity. We also offer our assistance in solving problems regarding chemical synthesis or identification of natural chemical compounds especially nucleic acids.

FutureSynthesis was also a business and sale representation of two biotech company BioSearch Technology (Novarto, USA) and LGC Genomics (Hoddesdon, UK).


The FutureSynthesis sp. z o.o. scientific team is well known within the field of nucleic acids chemical synthesis and method of incorporation functional modifications. Within the project we will focus on cystamine modified nucleic acids with allows the disulfide bonds between oligonucleotides and protein. The protein-nucleic acid complexes are crosslinking with ultraviolet light, temperatures or chemical treatment causes covalent bonds to form between the nucleic acid and proteins that are in close contact with the nucleic acid. Thus, crosslinking method may be used to selectively label DNA-binding proteins based on their specific interaction with a DNA recognition site.


The research project will be carried out at FutureSythesis sp. z o.o. laboratory or the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Poznan, which are a leading facility in studies and synthesis on nucleic acids and their modification. Chemical synthesis of cystamine modified oligonucleotides with phosphoramidite approach will be carried out on automatic synthesizer. We will extensively employ several major characterization techniques: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Spectrofluorimetry (SF), Spectrophotometry (SP), Mass Spectrometry (MS-ESI qTOF) and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

Role in project

PhD student will be doing his research at FutureSynthesis sp. z o.o. with close collaboration with Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences. His/her tasks shall include designing the method for nucleic acid or peptide modification by disulfide bond as well as assessing their biological activity. The student will be focusing his research on the chemical synthesis of biopolimers, application of the method on the solid support and study of nanostructures properties. He/she will be responsible for HPLC analysis, and assist during biopolymer synthesis and analysis. Student must take an active part in compiling results, giving presentations at scientific conferences and preparing publications in scientific journals.

Key personnel

Prof.Dr. Marcin K.Chmielewski, Principal Investigator and Scientific Coordinator

Natalia Remszel, Legal officer