Apl.Prof.Dr. Peter Friedhoff, principal investigator, and Julie Gotthardt, PhD student, at the DNARepairMan kick-off meeting

Justus-Liebig Universität

STUDY LIFE EXPLORE THE WORLD The university is dedicated to excellent research and teaching with a distinct profile in cultural studies and the life sciences. In keeping with Justus von Liebig's principle of "research training through research", JLU is highly committed to excellent interdisciplinary postgraduate education in all disciplines. The university's especially diverse climate, so fertile for interdisciplinary research and discussion, is further enriched by almost 30 percent international doctoral students.


The Institute of Biochemistry of the Justus Liebig University is well known within the field of nucleic acid biochemistry with focuses on chemical, biochemical and cellular biochemical techniques to understand the mechanisms of nucleic acid enzymes such as DNA nuclease and DNA mismatch repair and transcription coupled processes such a splicing and mRNP maturation and export.


Available equipment and expertise immediately relevant to the training programme includes recombinant protein production in E. coli, protein purification, spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, circular dichroism, stopped-flow and quenched-flow for pre-steady-state analysis, isothermal calorimetry. The institute of Biochemistry is well integrated in the local Giessen Graduate School for Life Science.

Role in project

Two PhD students will be doing their research at the Justus Liebig University , with projects focusing on the mechanism of covalent and kinetic trapping the DNA repair machinery for structural and functional studies and fluorescent based studies on the mechanism of the helicase complexes involved during DNA excision repair. Additionally, students from other participants will be hosted for extensive secondments, to be trained in protein crosslinking, modification and fluorescence based kinetic studies of repair complexes.

Key personnel

Apl. Prof. Dr. Peter Friedhoff, Principal Investigator

Julia Gotthardt, Doctoral student

Pingping Li, Doctoral student

Heike Beck-Büngen, Technical expert

Fellows: Olha Storozhuk and Vladislav Kunetsky